Late Additions Help

When a student is added to a class where we have a project that is due soon: you could assign the new student as an observer of a group completing the project. Require the observer to record activities, purposes, and conclusions of the project. Or, you could give the new student an alternate assignment that covers the main points of the project. Or, you could individualize the learning of that student and assign a express course in code.

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What helped was to have the new student be an observer to see what other students are working on. As they observe, help them understand that they will be doing this along the way. If they enter at the end project of Unit 2, then I would have them start at Unit 2 and work up from there. Hope this helps.

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Also, have the new student to work on some of the essential content for that lesson with you (afterschool or lunch) or with another student.

I am considering using this “Observer” role for one of my chronically absent students. Currently, they are constantly absent during large group projects. I think they assume they will just receive the score of their other teammates. This has sparked an idea for me to give the observer their own special task. For example, answering certain reflection questions. Some ideas that initially popped into my head:

  • What do you think is going well?
  • What do you think needs to be improved upon?
  • How can they make these improvements?
  • Creating steps for to put these changes into practice.
    It is just a start, but am interested to hearing other’s thoughts/suggestions.
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When they are going around as an observer, do you have that student do an assignment of what they observe? If so, what would be a good assignment for them to do? I am thinking that they go to different groups and write down a couple observations in a Bubble or Circle Thinking map. Then over her observations and give the student a unplug activity that relates to coding. Also, require the student to watch a few choice videos and write down notes in a Thinking Map. Any suggestions?