Modifying coding assignments

What is a good common modification/ differentiation tool for kids for the coding assignments?


There are probably a lot of different ways to handle this. For me, it depends on why a student is behind the others or why they need the modifications. Sometimes, I don’t require they complete all the levels and that the just do the essential ones.

Other times, I work with them one-on-one to understand the key concepts and then I just pass them off.

Whenever possible, I prefer giving extra work for the kids who finish earlier and giving enough time to everyone else (for the most part) to complete the assigned work.

I also allow other students to help those who are struggling, but then, I have to monitor that they aren’t doing the work for them.

I look forward to seeing other suggestions.


I would echo what @mwood shared and add that for some of my students who are struggling with the content and often students with identified learning difficulties, I will reduce the amount of work and simplify the content. Sometimes that means I give them cheat sheets to work from and sometimes it means I will sit near them and complete parts of it then allow them to put on the “final touches”. My class is designed as an introductory course with the goal of exposure and not necessarily mastery for all students though.

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