LED Blink control

I have a student who would like to have a LED blink 3 times then move onto the rest of the program.

This seems super simple, however, the LED blinks so fast that it doesn’t meet her needs.

Can you help with some ideas on how to slow it down or pause the blink so its more noticable?



It does seem super simple! I am not sure if she figured out the blink only 3 times. She might have a much more efficient way than I did:) There are probably many ways to accomplish the task. In my example, the interval portion of the blink block controls the length of the blink. I used an interval of 500 ms (so it blinks for half a second and can slower if desired). I also used the timedLoop at 1500 ms and the counter pattern to blink the light 3 times before moving on to the else portion of the program. I hope this example help her problem solve to better meet her goals with her program.


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Thank you so much, Michelle! What you did was super helpful. I think the problem was that we aren’t to the place that uses the tools you used, so you taught us something.

I appreciate the time you took to make an example for us! I’m confident this will work for her.

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