Lesson 10 Connections to over lessons

In my 2nd year of using code.org’s curriculum, it’s been much easier to CONNECT the concepts and vocabulary as we progress through the lessons. I just wanted to share one observation/connection for everyone.

In Lesson 10 (Routers and Redundancy) within the Internet Simulator, the IP address protocol “underneath the hood” is using two 4-bit messages. Since the class noticed it has a 4 bit message, this means we have a MAX number of routers up to 15. If you keep adding routers to the lobby, adding one more than 15 ROLLS OVER to router number 0 which connects with prior lessons. The same is true to the 2nd half of the IP address maxed out at 15. So it is impossible to have IP address 6.34 for example.

Connections: Binary, #of bits and #of messages, roll-over, Simulator IP address vs IPv4 protocols.

The students love seeing the evolution of the simulator and those connections.

I hope this helps.