Lesson 17 - Interactive Card

Thanks for any help you can give. I do realize that the more I work with Code.org the better I will get at debugging, but for now appreciate your help for this student.

Link to the project or level: Code.org - Game Lab
What I expect to happen: Click on the shell sprites to find the JellyFish (there are 4). After all of the JellyFish are found, they should move to the ship.
What actually happens: The results vary. Sometimes only one jellyfish will show after clicking on the shell. Other times, you can click on more than one shell to find another jellyfish, but it doesn’t ever show all 4 jellyfish. Unless you click on the ship, then all of the jellyfish will show.
What I’ve tried: The student has been making changes through the counter, but nothing successful so far.


I turned on a watcher to look at the jelly_count. When you click on one of the hiding spots, that number goes up by more than 1 because the mouse remains down long enough to trigger it multiple times. once it gets to 4, the jellys go where they are told (but some are still invisible).

You will need to find a way to get it to only add one to the count or figure out an alternate way to trigger the jellys moving.

Good luck!