Lesson 2: Alternate User Profiles for teaching Empathy

My students always have a very difficult time with empathizing with the users in lesson 2 because they have not had enough life experiences to really understand some of the user profile information. I used ChatGPT to turn those adult user profiles into teen user profiles that my students might be able to empathize with better. I used both profiles and then had them compare and contrast how easy/hard it was to empathize. Here are links to the teen versions of the user profiles.






What an excellent application of AI to make modifications to fit your students better! I love this idea! The profiles are relatable and interesting. You have to let us know how it goes with the students.

Hi @oneils ! Thanks for sharing!

We loved this idea so much we added it to the lesson plan.

Thanks for making our lessons better and better!

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It looks like Tony has disappeared, is there a new link to this profile?

I love this idea by the way, it’s great to make them more relevant!

Try this for Tony.

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Thanks for your quick reply!!