Social Issues App Beginning

Having some trouble getting students to think beyond themselves to find a real social issue even after showing the Unit 4 Lesson 8 Examples. Any suggestions?

Sometimes, this just takes a little more prodding and or time for reflection. Maybe you could start with something closer to them than all of society. Can they think of an issue at school or in a community they belong to that could be solved?

If they can relate to it a little more, they are usually more engaged. Another thought I had was to give them suggestions relating to their interests. A lot of my students really like animals, so I ask them if there are any issues regarding the treatment of animals they would like to see solved.

Just a thought. I’m sure there are other ways, but hope it helps a little.



This is the most difficult part but learning to empathize with a user other than themselves is a central skill in the unit.

I rely heavily on the activity that asks students to become other users and we spend a lot of time brainstorming empathy questions that help to identify possible areas in these users’ lives that may be improved by an app idea. I have even had kids timeline “a day in the life” from morning to night to help breakdown this process.

I then have a few more apps designed by kids that have made the news:

  1.!/Home and

  2. Local to our area:

  3. An article with more ideas:

Good luck!