Insurance adjuster?

I’m not sure if anyone else had this issue, but I feel my (high school) students will have difficulty understanding what an “insurance adjuster” is. It’s also difficult to explain without first teaching students how insurance works, which will probably need to be done, being most of our students probably haven’t had to deal directly with insurance. I imagine this problem also holds true for middle school students.

I’m wondering if there’s a particular reason “insurance adjuster” was chosen for this user profile? It seems a bit obscure to me. My guess is we want a user who must travel a lot, so I’m going to change my profile description so that Tony is now a traveling salesman, selling insurance.

He later on runs into a big problem and then stars in an optional lesson about algorithms in the CSP curriculum.

Hi Frank,
I did not have any problems. The students focused on what were the working habits, routine, and other information that were given in the profile. We even had time to discuss a couple impromptu profiles.

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We threw insurance adjuster in there to provide a job that students were less likley to have preconcieved expectations about, which would then hopefully push them to think about the details of the profile instead of what they expect the job to be like. That said, the specifics of the profiles aren’t nearly as important as the role they play in getting students out of their own heads and in to someone elses, so if you’re worried that any of the profiles won’t speak to your students for one reason or another it doesn’t hurt to change them up.

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