Lesson 2 Unit 11 Part 3

When we have a split screen for the “Desserts of the World” website, the rendering looks fine, when we display the webpage fullscreen the layout is completely wonky.
Split screen:

Fullscreen Layout:

Hi @tolson,
Is this the original screen or after the students have been experimenting with it? There are changes the students can make that would cause this. I would change the version history to original and see if that corrects it. Let us know if it works for you! :slight_smile:

Piggybacking on @edavis, if you can share us the link, we can look at it closer. There could be a .css rule that may need a little tweaking.


Actually, this is after I had done a bunch of experimentation. :slight_smile: I fiddled around with it and discovered it was my image width. It was set at 250px, I must have bumped it up. After I reset the image width to 200px, I lost the staircase effect. Thanks for your quick response.

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