Puzzle 2 of 3 (?) U2, L1

For some reason, whenever I see a pop-up for lessons that have multiple puzzles, it seems that we are never able to access all of the puzzles.
Am I doing something wrong? This also happened in Unit 1 for the lessons with B&W images and Lossy Compression of Images.
Has anyone else had this issue?
Thank you!

When the pop-up happens it just means that you are on “stage 2” or “step 2” (I call them bubbles) of the lesson. Unit 2 Lesson 1 Stage 2 happens to be the internet simulator. Once you get into the simulator you will see image at the top. That moves you onto the next stage/step/puzzle/bubble. I wish the terminology would be more consistent. I looked back at the B&W lesson and finish button says image so puzzle/stage/bubble are all the same thing. You are not missing anything if you are completing the lesson.

cool. thank you so much. i was expecting a box with “puzzle 3” to pop up because, if i remember correctly, i’d seen that happen in cs discoveries last year (?). i’m glad to know we didn’t miss anything. thanks for your response. :slight_smile: