Levels missing in U2L02

I had assigned Unit 2 Level 2 for a couple of classes, on a day (I think) there was site maintenance going on, because a lot of students were getting the “technical issues” bee page. Only levels 1-7 were showing, and level 1 was an exercise instead of the usual vocabulary/QoD page.

The next day, when working with different classes, I noticed it was back to normal, and levels 1-8 were showing, with vocabulary on the first page. Unfortunately when I went back to grade the classes from the previous day, I can see theirs seem to be locked in to the 1-7 levels version of the site. Is there a way to update or re-sync the site version for those classes? I’d really like for them to be able to access the vocabulary page since it’s the first HTML lesson.

It also seems like I cannot view their progress, even for students who I know completed the exercises.


It sounds like your students may have completed work in a newer version of the course. The new 2021 version has mostly removed that front page with vocabulary.

So, you will want to check which version of the course you have assigned them (2020 or 2021) and then make sure they are working in that version.

The course URL will have the year in it. For example, the 2021 version has csd3-2021
as part of the URL. (for a unit 3 activity).

If this doesn’t appear to be what is happening, you may want to reach out to support@code.org and see if they can look into your situation. My guess is that a quick look at the URL they are on will show you that they may be working in a different version of the course than the one you assigned in the course settings.


@mzima What Mike is suggesting here has happened to me several times this year. I’m not 100% sure how students end up on the wrong version, but it has happened more than once! Since the content is mostly the same, I usually just look at their work in the other version then get them back on track with the version we’re all on for the next lesson.