Lesson 26 Level 4 Star Spinning Speed

I am trying to spin the yellow outline star faster than the white one. What’s wrong with my code? Also, when I click “edit” it opens the editing window of the other behavior. Is it how it should be?

This is from Lesson 26 Level 4.

Thank you!

Sorry to hear about the trouble. We had a bug in Sprite Lab recently that was affecting behaviors the way you described. The issue has been resolved, but unfortunately behaviors that were edited during that time may still be broken. I actually don’t see any bugs on your part in the code. To resolve the issue, I’d suggest the following:

  1. Restore the program to its initial state using the purple Version History button.
  2. Create a new second behavior for the faster spinning you want (like you already did here).
    If resetting and trying again doesn’t fix the issue let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Mike, CSF Team

Version History, Initial version, start over did not take care of the issue.

Still the same issue.

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No problem when starting a new project.

Hi again,
Thanks for the super helpful video. This helped our engineers discover a new bug on the site. It has now been fixed and I’m confident this time that my earlier advice about resetting your code should work this time.