Lesson Plans, Activity Guides, and Rubrics as Google Docs

Hi Brook

  1. Thanks for everything at TeacherCon CHI

  2. I know you are swamped but I would like for you to wiggle your nose so I can have the updated curriculum LESSONS, ACTIVITY and RUBRIC files available as Google DOCS. I know how to see these files as PDFs; since these PDF files are stuffed with so many awesome pieces of info, my PDF to Google DOC converter is not able to take it all in. The converted file is not usable.

Within my Google Drive I do see the OLDER version of the LESSONS, ACTIVITY and RUBRIC files in a Brook created folder from last year but as you know, last year’s lessons are already dated.

I hope a 2016-2017 Unit 1 FOLDER of Google Docs already exists; in that case, I hope you can just share it with me jkeays@lvusd.org

if not, are there plans for the current PDFs to ever be converted in Google Docs on code.org’s end?

Having the lessons in a editable format such as a Google Doc is paramount in the way I would like to edit and modify so I can prepare at a very detailed level.

Any thoughts? other workarounds?

I am willing to wash dishes, laundry, cut the lawn or anything else you can imagine to make the updated 2016-2017 Unit 1 files come to life as Google Docs.


Thanks in advance



Hi Joe,

I think what you are asking is can you get a modifiable version of the lesson plans so you can edit it for your own prep? Is that a good summary?

I also think this would be useful. I am “eagerly” awaiting this year’s requirement and format for submitting lesson plans. I agree that it would be useful to be able to take a code.org lesson plan and edit it to create my lesson plan.

@brook any ideas?

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Hi @jkeays

Brook is on vacation so you will have to deal with my slightly weaker super powers for the week :slight_smile:

Lesson Plans - We don’t currently have a way to turn the lesson plans into google docs but if you are willing to do housework our team member in charge of our curriculum software might just find a way…

Activity Guides - This one I can make happen. Below are the links to folders with all the activity guides in google docs. They should also be linked as google docs in the lesson plans.

For example in the lesson plans when you see a resource like this one:

Each purple area does something different - if you click the words Sending Numbers that takes you to the google doc of the activity guide. There is also PDF and DOCX after which you can download.

Unit 1: Activity Guides
Unit 2: Activity Guides
Unit 3: Activity Guides

Rubrics - These also should be google docs where available. They should also be linked off the lesson and should be included in the folder above where available.

Hopefully that helps get you most of the way to where you are looking for. I will log the want to turn lesson plans into google docs as something for the future.



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I’m gathering some intel from Brook’s Minions and code.org has changed to a new more powerful database system to write the lesson plans. The downside, this new system doesn’t play well with Google Docs.

My best workaround:
Just COPY and PASTE everything in this link except for the graphic at the top and the stuff at the very bottom.

As you can see, the “boxed” info from the link above gets smashed to the left as you paste it in a Google DOC. I am taking the time to highlight the BOXED sections of info like Teaching Tips, Content Corner, etc to help organize the length.

From there, I have full access to edit, modify, highlight and add comments.
See this link for my U1L2 example.

Workarounds is my superpower. HA

Thanks Dani

Housework is not my specialty but I will watch a youtube video to learn. HA

I just explained my version of a workaround in a previous message. I hope you can view it.

Thanks so much

Whoopsie…Forgot the workaround link:

Just realized this forum won’t allow me to paste my G-DOC link.

Send me a note at jkeays@lvusd.org and I will send it to you.


Trying to understand the issue better. Given situations where teachers have to submit lesson plans in some kind of form/template (that is your situation, yes?) what would be the most useful thing to have?

Would something like a single plain-text dump of the lesson plan (perhaps minus images and callout boxes) make it easier to copy/paste?

One thing I worry about is that moving to gdocs itself might not be helpful because in our old lesson plans we had to do some weird things with formatting to make it look right that would also get in the way of copy/pasting.

We aim to please, but if we engineer anything we want it to serve the most people possible for the most common needs. What do you think?


@baker I think that would be a good quick fix at this point. My only worry is that those documents would quickly become old when updates to the curriculum are done.

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We should be able to be able to dynamically generate these things. We’re trying to eliminate multiple sources of truth for lessons…which is part of the reason we’re moving everything to curriculum.code.org. The downside is that we have to engineer these things which takes a little more time which is why we want to make sure we get the issue right.


Would having a GDocs verision of the worksheets be helpful as an online option? Such as a GDrawing for CS Fundamentals Lesson 1?