Level 4: Using a Counter to teach Counter Patterns

This level seems unnecessarily confusing due to the double use of the word “counter.” I’m tempted to skip it and go straight to level 5 where the counter pattern is used in a way that helps them continue working toward movement of their sprites. Am I missing something here? It is a neat puzzle but I think it would mean more to them once they understand the counter pattern.


Just to clarify - you are talking about Unit 3, Lesson 9, Puzzle 4 where the numbers increase at the same rate as the font size? I agree with you - I felt my students needed to see the character/sprite move and then we could swing back to show the change in font size as the counter increases. Remember - you know your students best. If you think another way of introducing and reinforcing an objective from the lesson would be best - do it and maybe use these lessons for any students that need additional supports.

Let me know if you have any other questions!