Pilot - U3L08 - The Counter Pattern Unplugged


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Hello everyone.

Is the " * " symbol on program 1 supposed to be a “+” symbol? If it is not, what does the " * " symbol mean in that situation?
This is on page 2 of the activity guide.
Thank you


Hey @dxs4533,

The * symbol stands for multiplication in many programming languages including JavaScript.

Hope that helps!



@dxs4533 - Apparently it was a typo in the activity guide tho! So sorry about that. We have fixed it and now it should be a +. Best - Dani


11 students, 9-12th Grades with little experience in CS.

U3L08 - Counter Pattern Unplugged

This lesson was a bit of a struggle as some students had already advanced past this level (they were independently working on levels) so I brought everyone back together to look at the counter variable. Having HS students, the steps for writing everything down was a bit tedious as most of my students could do it in their head, but then a few struggled to put that to their code. I don’t know if I’ll do the entire lesson next time, only because some students didn’t need the 45 minutes and since this was unplugged they got restless. I think for younger grades (6/7) this would be a great chance to pull everyone together for a moment to have a check in.

Also I had large sheets of paper and small groups work on each (pics below)

Note: There are a few typos on the sheet that I just explained to students… but opening now I see they’ve been corrected.