Library/Function Logging Issue

This is a student project that I am having a hard time debugging.

The first function works properly, and logs the correct message.

But the second function gets stuck in the loop and doesn’t result in anything logged.

I am sure it is something small I am missing but its beyond my understanding (new to the subject).

Hi there @msulliv3,

Regarding your issue from the URL i don’t think you properly linked the project or the source code… if you could link the library or just the project with the linked library it would be much appreciated

Here is the fixed link: App Lab -

Thank you,

To diagnose your problem your dataset doesn’t exist in your project, after importing the dataset i noticed your states weren’t in order of the way the project was set up, i also managed to patch that as well… I’ll link the project with the code i used to update what you had I may give an explanation later if need be
hope this answers your question! also if this is being planned to be used as a library i might also inquire that you have that dataset on the main project as well, the library code from my understanding gets injected as a module for the current Applab project meaning that it has no access to data or storage that it’s been given.

Best of luck, Varrience