Library not loading

Working in CSP Unit 7. Trying to duplicate a student’s app but neither one of us can get the library to load on their machine or mine. Any ideas?

If the library uses a dataset and you are remixing the student’s app, you will have to import the data again. In case this suggestion does not work, please share a link to the project so I can take a look at it and let me know which data set is being used in the library.

so I went back and working my way through the unit myself…again… The student did not create a data set. However, I ran into something…Unit 7 Lesson 7 level 2

ERROR: Line: 9: Oops, we can’t figure out what Ragdoll is - perhaps you meant the string “Ragdoll” with quotes? If this is meant to be a variable, make sure you declared a variable: var Ragdoll.

Could you share a link to the code?

It’s probably simple, but it’s giving me weird errors based on the library. I edited the post and added the correct link

When I click on the library function and look at the code (See picture below on how to see the code), it appears that the name of the data set is “cats”. It should be “Cats” (See the second picture of the code). I’m not sure why your library code appears that way. When I look at the code in my own account, it is correct. Check you are in the 2022 version of the curriculum. If it is still incorrect, export the table, change its name and re-import the table. Hopefully this works!

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