Unit 7 Lesson 3 Part 1 Ramen Radar lists not loading from Dataset, can't complete app

Just tried to go through the Ramen Radar App with my students. We ran into the problem that some lists(Countries, styles, stars) were not loading from the Dataset. I checked with watchers. Even after waiting, the list would never load. This was randomly happening on various student computers and on 2 of my personal computers. Not sure if this is an issue with Applab, or if it is a technical issue on the school network. Both chromebooks and pcs had this issue. We had to abandon the lesson since we were not able to get it to work. Any ideas on what the issue is?
Here is a link to my code that will not load all the datasets: App Lab - Code.org

We are having the same issue. I am having my kids copy and paste their code from 1-3 into tab 4. As for the error, all of my kids are getting an error on line 135. We have retyped the code, copied and pasted the same words from above and sometimes the error goes away and sometimes it shows up. Any help from Code.org and resolve would be greatly appreciated.
Michael McCabe

I had my students Remix the code and work on it on AppLab instead of Code Studio. They were able to get it working there.

One other option I found that worked was to go into Data and to click on the link to show the data and from then on the code seemed to respond appropriately… but I had to keep doing that as well each time I closed the lesson and went back into it.

Have to admit, not a fan of these new Practice level lessons… I reverted my kids to the 22-23 version of U7L3. Better foundational practice after the holiday layoff.


Greetings all,

We are trying to get to the root cause of why the data is loading for some users and not for others. The prevailing theory is that the dataset is at the cusp of being too large and therefore some machines / systems / firewalls are not able to populate the data quickly enough.

Quick question: if you wait for a few moments before interacting with the app, does it allow the dataset to populate the countries list?

This was one of three Practice levels that was also recently updated in early January to simplify the experience and to make it a more focused experience. I wonder if there might be an issue with an older version of the template and the newer version interacting in an unintentional way. The only way to be sure would be to reset the Version History in the workspace. However, it would be necessary to copy/paste any code that you want to save prior to resetting.

On a side note, if you are interested in testing the new updates made to these Practice levels with your students and to share your experiences, please check out this sign-up form. We are committed to making changes to these new level types that positively impact everyone’s experience.

Thanks so much!

I just tried this morning and the dataset will not load at all. I pulled up the developer tools and there is an error with “attempt to call”. This number is rapidly rising. I have attached screenshots of the errors. While beyond the scope of my knowledge maybe someone on your team can figure things out.


Waiting did help me when I tested this.


My students are finding the same issues with lesson 3. I have sent them a remixed version. They have been able to copy and paste their data from lesson 3 to the remixed version in app lab and the code works but will NOT run under unit 7 lesson 1 Ramen Radar.

There are two different data sets listed with similar names. Could this be the root of these headaches we are experiencing with this U7L3?


This is the message I got from support regarding issues with Ramen Radar:

Upon further investigation, our engineering and curriculum teams found that the dataset for this level was too large to work accurately for all users. Our team will be revising these levels to cut down on the dataset size, and this change should go out in the next two days.

Once this change occurs, for any students still working on these levels, we recommend…

  • Copying your code from the most recent version of the level into either a Google/Word Doc, or a blank App Lab project to back up the code
  • Reset the Version History for the level to revert it back to its original state. This will allow the new, condensed version of the dataset to populate, preventing the issues that were seen previously

I hope this will help resolve problems with this app. If you are still having issues, please report them to support@code.org

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Greetings all!

Just wanted to drop an update here in case you are having issues with the data loading for this level:

The team has pushed a change that dramatically reduces the size of this dataset in order to make loading it through Code Studio levels less data intensive.

As referenced in the image above, there are two datasets – the complete, data-intensive one (Ramen Ratings), and the abbreviated version (Ramen Rating).

If you or your students have already begun the activity, it is likely that you will be using the older template file. This will, by nature, be using the larger Ramen Ratings dataset. This is the one that is available for use in the Data tab within App Lab.

If you have not begun the activity yet, then it will default to the newer version of the template. You can confirm that you are using the smaller, spritelier dataset if you see that it is pulling from the Ramen Rating dataset at the top.

If you want to move from the older version to the newer one, then it is recommended that you have students copy all of their code that they have already completed into another project / document. They should only copy the code that is below the line that says “//EDIT CODE BELOW THIS LINE**”

If they copy / paste all of the code, just make sure that they change the dataset name in the getColumn() function to be Ramen Rating rather than Ramen Ratings

The hope is that this will solve all of the issues with transmitting this large dataset through the levels. The team would love to hear your feedback about this fix and how it feels on your end now.


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I’ll chime in – we started this lesson on 2/2/24 and continued working on it 2/5/24 and were having the same issues with the list variables being undefined, even with the abbreviated lists.

More interestingly, this seemed like it was happening only in level 3…running the same code in level 4 went fine (so we just did that).

Hello, we only just started this lesson yesterday but the problem is persisting. I’ve tried remixing the project but the only list available to add from the Remix screen is the Ramen Ratings list. The project still doesn’t work. Please help?

I was going to try to scramble & have all my students do the Netflix choice, but when I looked at it, it is too complex (and somewhat confusing) for my students that are still struggling to understand the arguments/parameters & return concepts. I am abandoning the lesson & moving on to the make lesson, after wasting an entire day of class trying to get the Ramen lesson to work.

I hope the issues with these new practice lessons can get ironed out before next school year. I think they have a lot of potential to be a great learning tool for students - we had a good experience with the practice lesson in Unit 6, especially because we chose to do it as a collaborative project. But right now they are too confusing, too complex, or have errors that we don’t have time to figure out during our limited class time.

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Thanks for the updates, you two!

So it seems that even when the code is using the new template and is accessing the Ramen Rating dataset (as opposed to the original version, Ramen Ratings), the issue with the data populating the lists is still persisting?

Possible fix: a much more efficient way of pulling the data and populating the lists is as follow:

readRecords("Ramen Rating", {}, function(ratings) {
  for (var i = 0; i < ratings.length; i++) {
    appendItem(varieties, (ratings[i]).Variety);
    appendItem(countries, (ratings[i]).Country);
    appendItem(styles, (ratings[i]).Style);
    appendItem(stars, (ratings[i]).Stars);

This way is not explicitly taught in the course as a way to populate lists, so I would only use this if the original method using getColumn() is not working. Using this loop will not attempt to download the dataset four times (which is what is happening each time the getColumn() function is called.)

As for future Practice levels, we intend to iterate through the Spice Level 2 & 3 levels in the next month or so, @claudetteguy16 , in order to make all of them easier to follow; this includes the Netflix Navigator progression. These changes will roll out in next year’s course.

Please continue to provide your feedback and experiences. It is infinitely helpful to get your expert eyes on this new style of level progression, in order to make them the polished experience that you and your students deserve.


Hi All, I am trying to confirm the values for students to use the truncated set:


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Hi @cpetroro,

I went through the Teacher Exemplar app and tested each of these for “Ramen Rating”. My results match yours!

Michael K.


It’s April 1st and it’s still very buggy on our end for my students. I’m giving up on the app and moving on. :frowning: