Loading forever in creating section with google classroom

Hi all,

I have a class with 86 students in a google classroom. When I create a section in code.org with google classroom login. After a google classroom is selected, the process is being looped forever. I tried to open an other browser tab to visit the Dashboard, I found the section is created but only 51 student inside. I tried to sync again inside the student management but fail. Anyone give me an advise to resolve this problem? Thanks.


I don’t use google classroom, so I don’t have personal experience, however, there is a support article for Google Classroom at https://support.code.org/hc/en-us/articles/115001319312-Setting-up-sections-with-Google-Classroom-or-Clever One thing I noticed is that it suggested logging out of both and logging back into both if you are having problems.

Is there anyone else who may have run into this problem before? If you visit the article and try everything and still have no success, you could contact support@code.org and see if they can help.

Sorry I can’t help more …


Thanks Mike.

I tried this solution, but it is not work for me.
I can add several sections with class size around 35.
I can sync any sections too.
I think it is caused by the class size, because my failed section is 86 srtudents in class.


Sorry to hear that. That could be the issue. I guess you could split it into two sections, which I’m sure isn’t convenient or you could contact support@code.org and see if they have any suggestions.

Best of luck!


Hi @kym-class,

That doesn’t sound like something that’s supposed to happen, so my guess is it’s a technical issue. Please contact support@code.org with the issue and hopefully they can give you some insight.


Thanks for replying.

Finally, I found the problem which is caused by one of the Chinese character in name field, it cannot be recognised during synchronization.

Thanks again.


Glad you found the issue and I’m happy you shared it with us so if someone else has that problem in the future, we know to have them look for something like that!