Location of 2016-17 AP CSP Curriculum for download?

I have looked all over on the site for a place to download say the entire unit 1 (and others) curriculum for the NEW 2016-17 AP CSP course. The only place I have found it is as a web page. The old 2015-16 is downloadable from a google drive location. Does anyone know where to download the NEWEST 2016-17 Curriculum by units or in whole? Thanks in advance.

hi, james!

this is not currently something we can do with the authoring tool we’re using for the curriculum, but we’re looking into adding this feature. as soon as something like this is available, we’ll let everyone know here on the forum!

in the meantime, did you know that you can move between lessons in the unit by clicking the lesson number in the header of the page? i realize this isn’t as convenient as downloading the whole unit, but for now it should make it easier to navigate the lessons!