Maker Ap no code shows up

Student logs in to computer. Opens maker ap. Logs in with google. Confirms. Signs in. Code box show ups with not code.

Hello @dgottmann ,
I’m just looking for some clarification. Are you using the Circuit Playgrounds? Classic or Express?
In the meantime, here are some of the support articles about installing the maker toolkit:
Support Article
Support Article


We are using the circuit playground. I imagine the classic as we got them about 4 years ago.

We open the maker ap, log in with google, confirm, then this is where it sends us to two different places (one place puts us in an endless loop we log in and then it sends us back to sign in - then same process is repeated, if we get to the next step where it shows the code we need to enter some students get a code and for some it is blank.

David Gottmann, Business Teacher
Bethune Schools

You may want to reach out to if some students are seeing the code and others aren’t. I haven’t encountered that problem, so not sure if it is network settings or something on those specific accounts.

Good luck!


Hi All

Instead of clicking on “Log in with Google”, we opened the maker ap and just signed directly in and it bypassed all the code stuff.
Have a good day.

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