Making API calls is incredibly difficult?

Im working on a project here that will allow me to grab weather data and display it somehow with the adafruit circuit playground. I know how to display it with the adafruit playground with texttospeech but the api part is a little difficult. I have an API service that I like to use but it not available in the StartWebRequest function. I don’t want to pay for a service and the ones listed on the docs do not have an easily available documentation. I’m completely lost and would like some guidance!

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@anthonylocascio74 Thanks for posting this question. I will pass it on to the curriculum team. Expect an answer momentarily.

hello @anthonylocascio74 i put a spreadsheet together more recently that contains information you should be seeking though having another weather API service would be interesting, i have compiled most if not all documentation regarding the CDO API’s whitelist all you have to do is click on my profile and navigate to my posts