Weather api used in App Lab


I am looking for guidance on incorporating a weather app to a student’s app. I am exploring the use of (startWebRequest(url, callback) but would appreciate any help. We’d like to use Thanks!


Hi Christina,

We have some documentation on how to use startWebRequest here. If you are curious about what domains are allowed, you can see the full list of sites we allow here: on lines 29-79 in this file

We are also actively investigating how we can make our Data APIs better, and I would love to learn more from you and your students! I’m curious to learn what kinds of apps your students are imagining, how they’d like to use data in their projects, and if there are any other data sources (or categories of data) they are interested in. If you’re open to chatting more, would you mind emailing with the subject “Data APIs”? You can just say it’s a message for Ryan in the message, and our support team will connect you with me.

Ryan Sloan
Product Manager,

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I love this option. I have been looking for ways to incorporate data API into for a while. Did not know it was already available. Was even thinking of using CodeHS to let kids explore the data side. I will definitely create some samples and show the students how they can use these API and hopefully that will get their creative juices tuned towards data analysis. Thank you for sharing. Two sources I was looking at are If nothing worked I was going to introduce them to platform.