Unit 5 - Filtering Datasets

My student is using the weather dataset and would only like the high and low temps for cities in Alaska. They imported the data set and used the get column block to get the temperature columns. We are stuck on how to filter the data specifically for Alaska. Please help.


In accordance with the College Board’s guidelines for AP CS Principles Exam, we limit the debugging assistance we provide from March through the submission deadline for the Create Task.

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Thank you!

This is not for the Create Task. We’re behind and still trying to get through Unit 5.

Hi @sellard,

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The student wants the user to select cities in Alaska and the high and low temperatures to be returned on the screen. They imported the data set and know they need to get the high and low temp columns. I do not know how to help them with selecting only cities in Alaska.

In the filter method they should also check if state is Alasks.

if(forecastNumberList[i] == tomorrowsWeather && stateList[i] == “Alaska”)

Thank you. Here’s the link to the actual project


The student has removed their filter method. It is needed. Go back to the previous version that was shared and simply make the change I suggested in my previous reply.

Thank you. I’ll have them work on it this week.