Help with Code for an app student is making

Link to the project or level: (App Lab -
The app complete worked this morning, now it won’t work.

What I expect to happen: When user selects Start button, then click region search, then select a region, then click search, a list of volcanoes from that region should show up but nothing shows up in the text box.

What actually happens: There are no errors indicated in the code. The Region search results text box is just empty after executing the above procedure.

What I’ve tried: retyped the code, used the code that does work for the volcano type and changed the variable names, function names, etc to match the region information.

I don’t have a clue of what is wrong… HELP!!

The same thing happened to another student yesterday… But she just kept messing with her code then it worked…

Hi @rcoulon,

The app appears to be working as you described when I just tried it. Has the student gone back and fixed it?

Otherwise, in accordance with the College Board’s guidelines for AP CS Principles Exam, we limit the debugging assistance we provide from March through the submission deadline for the Create Task.

From page 14 of the CB’s student handouts:

“you may not seek assistance in writing, revising, amending, or correcting your work, including debugging the program, writing or designing functionality in the program, testing the program, or making revisions to the program, from anyone other than your collaborative partner(s). "

Please verify this project is not part of a student’s Create Task for AP CS Principles.

If it is, we can only verify whether there is a technical issue with the platform causing the bug.
If it is not, we are happy to help locate the bug and provide guidance on fixing it!

Thank you,
Michael K.