Missing Animation Help

My student has 2 animations that aren’t showing once the GameScreen is showing. It is supposed to be a Target and A boy in a red shirt (Avatar). The animations are already in the animation tab. She has created the functions for both the Target and the GameScreen. Everything else on the GameScreen is showing, but the target and the boy. I have tried deleting everything to see where these animations are and I think they are behind the basketball court, but I can’t figure out how to bring them to the front of the basketball court. I have rearranged the code, tried placing them in the draw loop instead of the GameScreen Function but they still aren’t showing up. Can someone help? What am I not seeing?

**Link to the project or level: Missing Animation Project

The command “Draw Sprites” draws the sprites in the order they are declared. The way the program is now Target and Avatar are declared first so are drawn first and then the basketball court is drawn over them. If you move the var Target and var Avatar commands after the var Basketballcourt, the court will be drawn first and the the Avatar and Target on top of them and they will be visible.


Thank you! I knew I was overlooking something, but just couldn’t figure it out.