Multi-Screen Application - Rubric

Hi All,

My class is really enjoying the opportunity to create their own apps. I am allowing them to let their creativity flow on this lesson. It is also that time of the year for us when students are clamoring for some points. I created a rubric for scoring their efforts on this lesson. I wanted to share it with other users but was prevented from uploading the file. Can anyone assist me with the upload?.MultiScreen App - Rubric.pdf (176.8 KB)

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save file as pdf/jpeg or share a link to a document on your google drive.

I think what mmathews said is probably the easiest way to go.

If those are not convenient options, can you provide more detail about the problem? When you say you were prevented from uploading the file, what exactly happens and when does it happen?

So I completed the rubric as a word document, and when I attempt to upload it, I get this message: ā€œSorry, new users can not upload attachments.ā€

I will do as mmathews suggests and try to upload as a pdf.


I was able to upload the file as a pdf and edited my first post accordingly. Further inspection also revealed that I may not have been able to upload because I had not met the required two posts minimum.

Thanks for the suggestions.