Additional Practice Worksheet for Unit 2 Lesson 8



I have created a worksheet that may provide additional practice. Unfortunately, I can not upload it because i am a new user but here is the hyperlink to my document.

U2L8 Practice Sheet


Thank you for sharing this resource. Please share any others you create.


I would like to share all that I have but when I try to upload documents a message pops up that says that I can not upload because I am a new user.



Can you link them as you did the original one? That one is showing up great.



Good Morning Elizabeth,

I cannot link them because some of the documents are pdf, word formatted and/or power point presentations.



Thanks for explaining. I think I was able to up your trust level. You are now a “regular” in the forum. I am not an expert on the forum permissions, though, so I’m not sure what that means exactly.