Unit 1 Lesson 10 Lossy Compression Form Copy

Since I couldn’t figure out how to manipulate the link to make a copy of the original in the Code.org resources I needed to recreate it. To save you time, I made a link for you to copy mine: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1T6OiQf37gmyX8K8V8Ipz9ByWKedbOsDrt5p68VfK8i4/copy

Hi @rwest1,

Hm, maybe I’m looking in the wrong place but I don’t see a form in Unit 1 Lesson 10. But thanks for providing the resource! I clicked on it and apparently I don’t have access. Is the link shared to “everyone”? Sometimes the default is that it’s shared only with people in your organization.


It was in the document with modifications for virtual learning - and thank you for the heads up on share settings! It should be updated now.

Thanks for sharing! I will save my copy for later.