Students cannot access activity guide

I have a class set up for CSA. They cannot access the activity guide on the Unit 1, Lesson 2, Level 2. I’m letting them work through this at their own pace, but they are getting stuck on this level because they can’t view the instructions. When they click the link to the activity guide, it just tells them they need permission to view it.

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Hi Travis,
Sorry about this sharing oversight! I will pass this onto the team at Code to have that fixed, and it should go live soon. In the meantime, I hope you are able to make a copy of the document and share it out with your students.

In the future for mistakes like this you can reach out to and report bug issues. It is definitely helpful to have posts on the forum also so that other teachers can be aware of issues you experience.


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Here is a direct link to the document. I have gone ahead and updated the level in order to make the link in the direction pane work as intended. This might take a couple days to go live on the site.

In the interim, if you have an issue like this on a level going forward, please reach out to our support team and we will be able to push out a change quickly.

A direct link to activity guides and other resources that students are asked to use in a lesson can also be found in the Resources section that both teachers and students have access to (see image below)


Thanks so much,