Multi-screen chaser game

Can this be sent to phones when it is done? When they hit submit, there is no option to send it to their phone? This seems silly since simple turtle drawing lessons provided that option. Is this a glitch, or intentional?

I am referring to Unit 5, lesson 2.

Thank you,

When you click on Share, you should see the option “Send to Phone”.

Thank you but that option never comes up? It says “keep working,” or it says “continue.” There is no “share” option for this multi-screen app. Why is that?

At least on this level I’m able to see the Share button in the top left corner. Let us know if you’re not seeing it there. We may be rolling out changes in what the “Finish” dialog looks like but there still should be this other way to share your work.

Thank you! I was not aware of the “share” button, even though it was right in front of me. I thought it would only pop up at the end. Thank you so much.

When shared to the phone, if you chose the option “Mouseover” for one of the images, it doesn’t move when played on the phone. Can someone enlighten me on how to “mouseover” on a phone?

I think on the phone the “Mouseover” just works as a “Click” since there is no mouse on the phone.

Well, it won’t let me tap on the picture, and there is no way to use the home button to click on it either (at least I don’t know how). PLUS, it won’t let me go back in the code section and change the method from mouseover to click.

I tried it on this app and I am able to tap on the button and image. The Start button and the burglar image have mouseover event handlers. Try and see if it works on your phone.