Musings on data... consider this line of thinking

Data Dandruff…

Are the cells that make up your skin today the same ones that you were born with? [no] Resource < > and the ‘myth’ regarding the rest of your bodies cells <>

Where are the skin cells that you were born with then? [Laying around as dandruff somewhere, consumed by a dust mite or degraded back into the compounds that they were made from]

How is data like our dandruff? [We leave trails of it everywhere that we go.]

Where do / How do our data trails start?

Where do they lead?

What can be done with the information that data contains?

What has to be done with that data before anything meaningful can come of it?

I’m sure any instructor can see how this connects real life and experiences to the concept of leaving data trails…

Musing from your friendly ecologist and human biologist teaching ECS… Matt

Next 32 bit vs 64 bit as a single vs. double fisted cookie eater and using hands to describe how quantum entanglement is used to share an undecryptable data stream between a sender and receiver…

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