New feature for APPLAB (Folders Needed)

Thanks. @gtwrobel

It’s amazing at what you can do with some elementary tools like moveForward(), dot() and 17 million color() combinations. Toss in functions, loops and randomNumbers…VOILA.

Holiday Spirit:
2 fold:

  1. the curriculum uses the snowflake concept to teach top down design so the students find a starting point and comfort with the snowflakes.
  2. It’s also my fault by providing last year’s holiday examples to help the teams get a kick-start. Since we start U3 just before Thanksgiving, the Holiday Season keeps their interest. This year, at least a few groups ventured off to a few other Holidays like Halloween, 4th of July & Happy New Year.

Enjoy the Holiday


FYI: A group of students in my class turned in that same amazing Christmas Tree project and of course now it is completely obvious to me that my students didn’t actually code it (can’t believe I missed that one). :disappointed:

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Hey @nbaltatzis

The Christmas Tree Project was designed last year and was made public a few time by me and a few people at shared the code on social media about a year ago.

Just to be clear, it’s the Christmas Tree on the first page next to the Space Invaders game.

It took me a while to learn that unless you click to make the code private, other students can view the code.

Good luck with those students who stole the code.