New feature for APPLAB (Folders Needed)


It’s been over a year of writing DEMO like programs for my students in AP CSP. MyProjects is quite long and I am dreaming of a possible new feature which allows users to group projects into FOLDERS.

Is this a possible new feature in the near future?

Thanks for your consideration

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It’s a common request from us curriculum developers who have innumerable test programs sitting in “My Projects” as well. It’s never been a top priority given other engineering needs but I will happily re-bubble this up. If we hear from more teachers about these kinds of requests they do move up the priority queue but for now I am unaware of planned work on this feature.

Hey GT

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Come’on…all concerns and requests I have are automatically put to the top of the queue.
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Besides folders, it would be nice to have a “search” button so I don’t have to scroll through dozens of programs to find the one I am looking for.
Can you please add “BASIC SEARCH” feature along with the folders?

Thanks so much!

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Hear! Hear! Especially when I “remix” student code to help them troubleshoot… it’s a LONG list! Thanks for raising this issue!

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Katie is Super Lead Learner so if she wants FOLDERS it should be a URGENT Priority. Come on GT. Don’t you love us. HA

Folders with a search bar in MyProject

Stop… you’re making be blush! :blush:

@jkeays I’m flattered you think I have any influence over what gets built :grinning:

I’ll make sure this gets added to the list as well. We are scheduled to make some improvements to teacher experience in the coming year but it’s always a question of priorities. “Do we do this or do we make it easier for you to review and give feedback on assessments”, for example. Whenever you have requests, though, it’s good to hear about them so they can get tracked.


Other magical “wiggle my nose” requests:

  1. Create an entire new course for Programming/ Learning PYTHON

  2. Create an entire new course in line with AP CS A “Java” Curriculum

  3. Make it rain in Southern California but only at night so I don’t have to use an umbrella.

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Hahaha! Depending on which side of the curriculum development process you stand on, we are luckily / sadly not slated to create new curriculum in the coming year. Us Seattlites would also like to remind you to be careful what you wish for as far as rain!

Chisel away my friend. We are all making progress.

Meanwhile, I’m going to have one of my student teams write you a “Chase Game” App chasing for another new QB for the Bears. OUCH! Stay tuned!

Regional Weather Problems:
When the temps drop down to 65 at night here, it takes an extra 5 minutes to heat our hot tubs. On rare occasions when it’s mid 40’s, our students can see their breath. Luckily we have 30 therapy dogs on campus to help soothe the student’s anxiety from our out of control weather issues. Finally, most stores are sold out of sunscreen. We might have to cancel school to keep kids from being exposed to the sun. Luckily, most of Unit 3 can be done from at home. Thank you

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@gtwrobel On a cool sharing note. My students (teams of 3) have their U3L10 Digital Scenes due this Friday. Check out this one team who has gone way beyond the call of duty with a “Space Invaders” Theme. Please note, one particular member has some prior programming experience and has used some tools outside of the U3 toolbox.

They have taken the Digital Scene PT to a new level with some pseudo “animation” within turtle programming.

Please note, they are not done. The group told me today they have a few final touches coming soon.

Can’t wait to showcase all of their Scenes.

Let me know if you can open the link.

Ahem… I need to pile on here too. I just presented yesterday at a Technology conference about CSP (and the flavor of CSP) and one of the participants asked “Do they do this for CSA too?”

So - can you add me, @jkeays and my unnamed session participant also in the “CSA” request too!

Come on, GT, you don’t have the nickname “GT-the-Great” for nothing! :wink:

@jkeays it’s not working! You might try generating a “Share” link from the project. If you have others to share too we’d love to see them.

Did you say “no but they have a lovely new middle / early high school course called CS Discoveries”? :wink:

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@gtwrobel Here’s a skeleton unfinished site which I will complete in about 4 days as my students present and submit their 2017 Digital Scenes. This site will be a collection/portfolio/showcase for several communities. (Current Students, Parents, Administrators at the school and district, recruiting tool for future students and for current and future AP CSP teachers around the country who would like to see several examples of what is possible in this amazing unit.

Here’s the UNFINISHED site with 3 Digital Scenes. Please don’t share until you see a finished product.

  • Space Invaders: designed this year
  • Christmas Tree Lights and Happy Holidays are my 2 favorite from last year.

I was talking with Jared last year about that course who was one of the pilot teachers. He said nothing but great things about the CS Discoveries course. Even thought I have yet to look at that curriculum in detail, I’m going to predict CS Discoveries will end up being the most popular course in a few years with states releasing new CS K-12 Standards and high schools changing graduation requirements including CS coursework.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

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You bettcha! (That’s Minnesotan for “yes!”) :snowflake:


These are some really awesome scenes @jkeays! Please make sure to ping us again once the website’s publish ready and I’ll make sure to share it internally here at

As for your second post we’re of course proud of our work, but truly so long as more schools are teaching good computer science curricula we don’t particularly care whether it’s ours. Nevertheless it’s always encouraging to hear good news from the field. The only reason we’re not publishing into a void is that dedicated teachers like all of you do the actual hard work of bringing this into your classrooms, so thank you!

Hey @gtwrobel

The site is a GO. Please SHARE AWAY!

I’ll still continue to tinker with the site but all of the projects from this year are up and running.
As you will notice, each page has either 6 or 4 Projects on display.

I can’t decide which ones are my favorites but Space Invaders, 4th of July, Up House are amazing.

Several groups went beyond the call of duty. Some figured out from OnEvent functions, sound and if statements. We encourage curiosity around here which works well for us.

I kept the code “private” since student info is on their code. Hope you understand.

Thanks @jkeays. These are really awesome to see! I agree there’s no favorites here though I do notice that many students seem to have the holiday break on their minds :smiley: Here’s hoping you and they both get some much deserved rest after what’s clearly been a busy semester!

I’ll make sure this makes the rounds here at as well.

Cheers and happy holidays!

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