Requesting new features

Hello, I’ve had some feature requests for a while.
1- Updated featured projects section.
~ I made an example - - that displays what I’d like featured to turn into. I know it’s a lot to ask but it encourages students and many others to try their best to show friends and family that their project got featured.
2- Dark mode/Customizable themes
~When programming you normally have the freedom to choose a theme that suits your eyes the best. For example in Visual Studio Code you can choose color themes and are even able to customize them yourself. I’d love to see others inspired by the customizable freedom of being able to change their programming experience
3- Partner Programming
~Allowing two students or friends online to collaborate on projects could lead to many great creations. We are currently limited to having them just share code and go on from there. Partner programming would be an awesome edition.
4- Communities
~It would be awesome to be able to have open code . org communities where students can join in on popular interests. This could have implemented features to stop any cyber-bullying or harassment depending on how code . org sees it. There could also be an age limit/warning before joining.
5- Events
~It would be awesome if code . org hosted an event once in a while inspiring more people to get up and program. There doesn’t have to be any reward or prize however it would be cool to get a cool icon next to your name in the new community section/featured page.
6- Code . org ranks
~It would be super duper awesome if students were able to gain levels by publishing their projects and completing tasks in a preset environment. This would motivate students to come online and earn the newest/top rank and badges!
~~It would also be awesome to add a feature where some students/community members could have a special icon or something like that which displays that they are a Trusted Developer/Certified Awesome. It could be whatever the team wants it to be!
7- New App/Game Lab features.
~I’ve always strived to have a more realistic javascript creator for more advanced students. There could be an advanced tab added to the list of syntax as well as it would be awesome to see support for some other languages like C#, C+, python, etc. I’d also ask that we can see some new features on App and Game Lab via requests that are asked. I’m not trying to hate here because I understand how Code . org has to have a certain standard and style for everything that is added. However we haven’t seen much new things come through besides the Artificial Intelligence addition.
8- Blocking Remixes or view code
~I am constantly stuck seeing many many remixes of my games and others. I’m not against it but I think you should allow remixes to be turned off. I have had many instances of people stealing my code which is okay but I’d prefer if they were 100% require to credit me or change it up. I’d also like to say that with view code I’ve encountered spam from people just stealing some of my private app info like Admin screens, chat screens, and much much more. I think remixing is awesome but we need to take a step to make it better and not just theft. The same thing goes for view code, isn’t there a way to allow some code but not other? Can’t we just have our code hidden if we choose.

That concludes all of my requests. I’ve thought about these and the best ways to do them. I always strived to have them as a student, my community strives to have them, and lastly as a teacher nowadays to younger students I’m sure they’d love it just as much too.
Thank you so much for taking time to read this! Any constructive criticism and or ideas on how this could be better would be awesome thanks!

I feel like I should include the fact that my friends
@IMPixel and @infinitestasis have wanted a few of these features for a while now.
Thank you in advance.

Take a look at this

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thank you so much. I’ll definitely start using this :slight_smile:

Hi @eh_asuna,

Thanks for taking the time to write out all these ideas. :slight_smile: Love that you’ve got all these suggestions on ways to get students more excited about coding as well as building community!

You’re definitely not alone in wanting some of these features, as a couple look familiar from some other people on this forum.

I’d also invite the community to chime in on anything here or anything else that they’d like to see. Code .org is constantly improving thanks to feedback from our community.

I personally have no bearing on any of these requests, but I’ll pass this along to try to make sure your input is considered among what I’m sure is a long list of things being worked on. :slight_smile: Meanwhile, I also recommend you send this list through our primary avenue for feature requests at to get some more eyeballs on it.