What does it take to become featured?

I noticed that there are now three featured projects on the App Lab gallery that have been reported. It makes me wonder when another project is going to replace that, and why it can’t be one of mine.

I get that there are only 8 slots for featured projects, but I feel like [WUT] World stands out of the crowd enough for it to be featured.

I don’t know if code.org doesn’t want chatrooms to be featured, but until it was reported, Guardian of Eggs was featured and had a chatroom. [WUT] World technically is a chat, since posts and comments are live, but it’s frequently scanned by 3 human volunteers (and me) for inappropriate and rule-breaking content.

I believe that [WUT] World should be featured because it’s a safe place for code.org users to discuss anything that they want (with limits, of course), and that it has features that other apps barely even attempt.

Some of these features include likes and dislikes, a built-in reporting system, private messaging, the whole coin/nameplate system, the search system, completely customizable profiles, and above all, the ability for your posts to actually be seen by others.

Even after all that, the app represents over 6 months of hard work with nothing in return. It represents true dedication to code.org, and I believe it should receive some recognition in exchange.

The link is App Lab - Code.org.

Hello @wutadam,

This question was asked a while back and you can find the response here:

If you have more specific questions, you could reach out to support@code.org for the answers.

Good luck!


That’s why I feel like my app should be featured. Other than the sounds, it matches every category. It also shows just how powerful code.org is if you can run an entirely original social media app all within App Lab. The title wasn’t really a question, though, it was rhetorical.

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