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I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place for this kind of topic. If I should place this somewhere else please tell me. I just couldn’t find a better place to do this.

First of all, I think the new featured projects weren’t chosen properly. Here’s the reasons:
Most of the featured projects were already featured in the last update, 6/8 projects were already featured a few weeks ago.

I’m not sure about the Astronaut Jumping project, but I believe it was featured last time as well.

Also, 2 (almost) identical projects were posted. The only difference is that the images aren’t the same, but there’s almost nothing different about them. The gameplay isn’t any different.
The name of these projects are “Among us” and “REAL GO FOR IT”. Here’s a picture of both games.
Gameplay of “Among us”:
Gameplay of “REAL GO FOR IT”:
Game over screen of “Among us”:
Game over screen of “REAL GO FOR IT”:
You can also notice how some of the animations weren’t changed.

I don’t think I need to explain more on why those projects are the same. Now I’m not saying the projects are bad, it’s just that the same project got featured.

You can also see that there are 2 remixed projects that got featured.

I’m pretty sure more projects got featured, because it looks like people on code.org like remixing and reposting projects without even changing the animations.

That’s the analytics for the Rocket League game that was featured (and was removed from the featured projects in the new update, even though I spent some time on updating everything and changing the game. There were 6 updated in which I added in total 200 lines of code.)
Now I’m not going to show you everything every remix, but trust me, 9/10 of all the projects were identical to my game.

I’m not trying to show you that you should change the featured projects. I just want someone to add a feature to code.org.

It would be cool if each time someone entered a project it would gain a “point”. The projects with the most points would be on the top. Also you’d be able to “rate” a project with 5 stars and each star would give the project a point. That would be very cool. I know that’s not something easy to code, I know this will probably take a month or even more, but if the code.org community coded something as big as AppLab, I think coding a point system wouldn’t be so hard for code.org. (I know it’s hard, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that would be excited for an update like this.)

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My only takeback would be that some games deserve to be featured for a while. Otherwise great analogy.

If a project stays for a while, all projects should stay for a while. Most of those games weren’t receiving any updates but mine, in 6 updates, I added 200 lines of code which is a lot, I still have one of the oldest Rocket League versions because I remixed my own project once to try to do something, and you can see how it’s different from the newest version. The other games weren’t getting updates, but in my opinion no project should stay for a whole month like mine did, but those projects are staying for even more time. The featured projects should be updating every week. (in my opinion)

Hi @IMPixel,

I’m sorry you feel slighted here. This is a forum primarily geared for teachers to collaborate and share ideas for bringing CS Discoveries to their students.

I’d recommend filing out the feedback form at support.code.org if you would like to make sure the proper individuals see this feedback.

Thank you!

–Michael K.

Sorry and thank you, I’m going to move this to support.code.org, thanks for your reply.