Onion Skin use on lesson

I understand what the onion skin does in other animation programs. Can someone explain how to better show the Onion skin frames. If this is not what your Onion skin tool is for, (as it is with Adobe products) please give a better description of its purpose and use in your lesson. I find the information on this topic to be missing at the moment.

Too what lesson(s) in Unit 3 would this apply most? I
I will be teaching Unit 3 for my third year and am already nervous about how little I know when students ask more advanced questions or are ready to add to what they already know.

We are having a hard time figuring out how to use Onion Skin as well - is there a video or any lessons specific to this anywhere?

Hi everyone,

Basically an “onion skin” in animation is a look at the previous or the next frame so you can see how it’s going to change. It’s useful in checking, for example, that the rabbit moves farther ahead than the turtle does. See the Wikipedia page for more information.

Which lesson in CSD are you using it for? Can you link to the curriculum or tool page in question so we may better assist you?

–Michael K.