Online coding classes

Dear Teachers,
My name is Hari Khanal. I am working in the United States. Originally I came from a South Asian Country, Nepal. The impact of the pandemic, shelter in place, and lockdown is growing a lot in the younger generation and kids. Around 2 million school students are forced to stay at the home. Virtual and remote learning is almost out of scope for the students studying in public schools and from the rural areas because teachers are not trained enough to use any technology, and they even don’t have resources as well. One of the basic problems is, only 10 % of households have a personal computer and laptop. However, around 90 % use smart mobile phones and wifi internet. I found could be one of the nice options to engage these students in creative works. I am looking for few answers

  • How feasible to provide virtual classes with
  • Is there any restriction on class size. There might be around 500 to 600 students in one class, and I am working to make three classes for the 5th, 6th and 7th grades.
  • Any suggestion coding in a mobile platform.

I highly appreciate any suggestions, tips, and donation tutorial videos, assessments, projects, and curriculum.

Thank you very much.