Pair Programming leveled groups


My students have 3 types of partners. A, B, and C. Their A partners are leveled- high/high, regular/regular/ low/low. This works well because if not, sometimes one is doing all the work (high ) and the other doesn’t learn. You can target the learning for each group as well. Giving more advanced or modified work. On some assignments, they have their B partners. That is high/low- which helps when ideas need to be generated. The last group is C partners or their Choice of partners.


I like the idea of having a diverse group of students each student could possibly be paired with. Can you tell me how you keep track of the coding levels each student is at? My students push back a lot when they have to work with others. I’m wondering if you also had any strategies to mitigate that.



I have a class roster that I check each student off on. They get a small grade for each thing they add. For example, they got a grade for adding headers, paragraphs, lists, and images. I make the amount each has to have match their ability level. So advanced kids had to have an ordered list and unordered list and regular and modified got to choose. I know I have to help the modified more, so I walk them through it first. They end up getting finished at the same time as others and it makes them feel more confident.