Past student would like to view their archived code

Hi. I have an amazing past student who is now in high school. He would like to access his code that he completed in my class (8th grade) last year. I have the section archived. I can see his work. How can I give him access to it? He is no longer in my google classroom and he previously signed in with Google. He has a username, but we have no idea what his password is. You can reset the password via email, but his old email address is no longer active and was unable to receive external emails anyway. Any ideas?

Hi @krichter,

Hmmm - that is a conundrum :thinking:. The difficult part is that the student is not able to log into their old account since it is easy for you to restore the archived class. If they want access to all of their old work, I would have the student contact support to see if access to the account can be restored and then you can restore the archived class. Also, if the code is in their PROJECTS, they’ll have to contact support. Only the student would be able to see things in their PROJECTS.

If they just want access to a project or two, you can view the. project and then create a SHARE link to send the student and the student can view code and remix the project. This is a little more work but doable if the student is just looking for a project or two.

Hope that helps,