Peer Review without printing forms

I’m trying to figure out how to do peer review if the form is not printed out (it’s on Google Classroom). I have desktops, not laptops, so the students can’t just switch devices - they have to get up and switch seats and computers. It never seems to work very well, and a lot of the time there’s confusion since other students are typing into a doc they don’t own. Should I just print them out instead?

@agrant this is true. I ran into the same problem last year. This year I plan to take the peer review out and use a different sharing mechanism. I modified the peer review for the 1.1.8 Propose an app project to a paper review for each group. Last year for the peer review on the interactive card, I had the students share the links to their cards on a google form. I saved the links and created a google sheet with the first column as the links, the rest were the rubric elements. I shared the google sheet with the class. I had each of them evaluate and share the feedback on their copy of the google sheet. So it took a little longer but I got each of them to give feedback on 5-7 interactive apps. It was a good learning experience for all of them. They loved checking out ideas from peer projects. Plus the feedback was anonymous as they did not know who posted the links. I kept that version for my reference.

It would take a little bit of set-up to get the rubric into this, but I use Orange Slice (extension for the browser - Chrome Store) to have my students peer review things. They stay on their on their own computer & through Google Classroom, I am able to give each student their own copy of the rubric. Plus, it’s free!