Phase 2b Epidemic Model Extensions

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Added a new bread called doctor and and a slider widget to control the population of the doctor. When the sick turtle collides with the doctor the color of the turtle changes to blue and it is healed.

I added a set number of doctors (in the world) who will heal sick turtles. I could go back and add sliders to adjust the numbers of sick turtles and doctors. Furthermore, I could tell the sick turtles to find doctors and vice versa. Right now I have the doctors moving pretty slowly. I could adjust their speed with another slider. I’m having trouble figuring out how to vaccinate turtles. There must be a way to do this and also allow for less than 100% effectiveness of the vaccine. Also, I haven’t accounted for doctors being sick and passing on the sickness.

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    1. What modifications did you make and why? We modified the doctors to chase the patients in order to heal them.
    1. URL for public link.
    1. What did you struggle with the most? Trying to figure out where to put things in order to make the doctors work logically, especially since there are two different colored turtles.
    1. Is there anything else you need help with? With more time we would figure out how to “vaccinate” the turtles.

Lovely! You’ve made a lot of progress on this!
In order to change the effectiveness rate of the vaccine, you may want to model it on transmission rate, where there is a random number being selected (with the random block) and then if that number is less than the value on the effectiveness slider, the vaccine works and the turtles do not get sick.

    1. What modifications did you make and why? I had my doctors heal any turtle it encountered
    1. URL for public link.
    1. What did you struggle with the most? I tried to have them vaccinate the turtles so they would stay healthy but I couldn’t figure it out.
    1. Is there anything else you need help with? I would like to know how to have the doctors vaccinate.

This is fantastic–great work. The effort you all put in shows. In order to make the vaccines work, you could do a couple things. You could make doctors vaccinate healthy turtles to turn them a new, immune color, or add a breed to vaccinate turtles. If you have the time and try this, be sure to share your new model on here for everyone to see and love!

Hi, Megan!
I did notice in the model that the turtles are getting sick if they run into any other turtle, not just when they run into a sick turtle. To fix this, in the collision with turtle block, add an “if” block around the current code in there that says if color of collidee is red. This will ensure that your turtles only get sick when they encounter a sick turtle.
Vaccination is a lot like getting sick–if the turtles encounter a doctor, how could you change them so that you know they are vaccinated. Maybe color, shape, size? How could you make sure that these vaccinated turtles don’t get sick? Like telling the turtles the can only get sick if they run into a red collidee, you could also tell the turtles to only get sick if their color is blue and they are normal, healthy turtles.
It may take some time, but feel free to reply back if you try this and have more questions. Thanks!

Hello! Good work! Was there anything that stood out to you, and anything you had trouble with that I may be able to assist with? Reply back to let us know :smile:
Melody GUTS

You got it!
Was there anything you wanted to add to the model that you’d like help with? What did you struggle with the most in this process? Please reply back and let me know how I can help you make your modifications.
Melody GUTS

I added a stationary agent called hospital, and made it so that there was a slider for recovery rate - in this way I could control if every sick turtle got better or not after encountering a hospital. I also made a slider for transmission rate so that sick turtles had a certain percentage chance of infecting others. I created an epidemic origin agent, who would be like an asymptomatic individual, who never sought out hospitalization. When turtles encountered the origin agent, they got sick (turned red). I made it so sick turtles faced towards the nearest hospital. I attempted to make it so that sick turtles would eventually die, but I couldn’t figure out how to do so.

I added doctors and a hospital. The number of doctors can be controlled by a slide. I made the hospital bigger and stationary in one corner. When the red sick turtles collided with the doctor or the hospital, they were healed and turned blue.

I added a doctor breed that heals sick turtles and turns them green. I gave the doctor’s a 50% chance of becoming sick on contact with sick turtles. I had the most trouble with coding the detection of the colidee’s color. I had color red= colidee, and I needed color of colidee = color red. It took me a while to figure that out. I do not need any further help with these tasks at this time.

Great work, Nicole! It was a pleasure to explore all the detail in your model. There are a couple ways to make your sick turtles eventually die. The simplest would be that sick turtles have a random chance of dying, much like they have a random chance of recovering. A slightly more complicated method of doing this which would work to kill off sick turtles after a given amount of time being sick, would be to create a trait for your turtles, perhaps called timeSick, that is set to zero until turtles are sick and then increases by one every step they take (tick or iteration) and then have some sort of test in the forever loop that checks to see if timeSick is a certain value and, if so, deletes the agent.
This was a lot of info to put in a slide, but there are great examples in slnova to base your solution off of–try searching for birth and death or ecosystem with death, etc. Once again, great work!

Great work and problem solving! Lovely model!

Wonderful work! What a great idea and execution!

  1. I added a new breed titled “Doctor,” who moves using a call procedure to also wiggle walk the same way as the turtles. When it intersects with a red turtle, the red turtle recovers and turns white. I also added a line graph to monitor the populations…
  3. I attempted this after a short break, and I had lost my rhythm a bit. It seems that momentum helps a great deal when completing a goal
  4. No there isn’t anything else I need help with.

I added new breeds: doctors for healing and 15 vaccinators
Once vaccinated they did turn a different color but I could not keep them from getting infected if they collided with a sick one
I would like to know how to have the turtles die off after a period of time

Love the idea of a hospital. I am looking forward to trying this idea.