Phase 2b Epidemic Model Extensions

  1. I made doctors head to sick turtles, a graph to keep track of them and immunity and death if they don’t get better. All of these make the simulation more realistic.
  2. doctor link
  1. having the immunity work
  2. nope doing good


I added doctors (yellow) so when they come in contact with sick turtles (red), they become healthy turtles (blue). I also added mosquitoes (grey). If the mosquito comes in contact with a sick turtle, the mosquito turns white indicating that it is now carrying the infection. When the infected mosquito (white) comes in contact with a healthy turtle (blue), that turtle becomes sick (red).

The difficulty I have is when I know what I want to accomplish and I then get stuck on something. This obviously causes frustration. I’d like to better understand the codes. I find that I can look through tabs and figure out what I need to do by duplicating something that’s already been set up. But I would like to be able to figure it out on my own without needing to sneak a peak in the other tabs. I guess this just takes practice.


modifications - added vaccination upon contact with doctor as this is a feasible scenario.
Greatest struggle - on collision with doctor: I started coding under the doctor breed before watching video and couldn’t find a way to change color of collidee.
no further help required at this moment


I utilized the epidemic and doctor scenario that we worked on in class. Our greatest dilemma was realizing the speed of the flash. The key was to divide the rockery rate slider by 60 to help slow down the process of recovery.


I had trouble making my doctors not get sick when they ran into a sick turtle.


After adding the doctor as instructed, I added an immune breed. It wiggle walks, but does not transmit or become infected with the disease. Initially I tried making turtles immune after they had visited the doctor, but I had a difficult time keeping them from making other turtles immune upon collision. I also considered making sick turtles die after a period of time, but could not figure out which pieces to use to make this happen. After reviewing some of the other responses on this page I have some ideas that I may try later in order to make sick turtles die after a given time.
The link to my epidemic model extension is posted below.


I made mine have a vaccination and if turtles bumped into the vaccines they could prevent illness. There are also some hospitals to help if the turtles do get sick.


The modification that I made is that the doctors became ill when they encountered the turtles. The doctors did not vaccinate before trying to heal sick agents.


I had difficulty with determining the transmission rate.

I would like to know how to vaccinate the doctors.


I decided to allow my doctors to get sick.
I had a tough time trying to make the recovering turtles stay healthy.
I would like to figure this out.


I created a mosquito (star) as a vector for the disease. Every time it bumps into a doctor, it makes the doctor sick. I wanted to figure out a way to make the doctor get sick after treating 10 turtles, but couldn’t figure it out! I knowI’ll get better with practice!

Here is the URL


I added a vector mosquito that turns from black to brown when it collides with a red turtle.
Once I figured out the logical steps, it was simple to copy some of the code that I had already created. If i wanted to add, I could make the mosquitoes reproduce and die off.


I made a Doctor with a sliding bar. I tried to make it so I can have up to 100 Doctors, but for some reason it only makes a maximum of 10 can anyone tell me how to fix it? I also made it so that my recovered turtles became blue so that they are healthy again instead of just recovered.


That’s cool. I could not get my mind around it so I did not do that. I’ll have to study your code so that I know how.


Can the Doctors get cured?

  1. I added the option to make doctors sick if they came in contact with sick agents.
  3. The most difficult thing for me was getting my SL Nova to save correctly. I was having issues with it saving. I also have a hard time coming up with new things to add without any prompting or guidance as I am still new to the coding process.
  4. There is nothing else I need help with at this time.

  1. I modified the doctor to have a chance to get sick when it collides with the sick turtles.

  2. URL:

  3. My biggest struggle was that it had been a while since the initial summer training and I had to refamiliarize myself with the software.

  4. I can’t think of any additional help I might need right now.


I was able to change the shape on the turtles when they collided with the doctors to simulate them being healed. I was trying to figure out where and what order to put certain steps in, and that became a bit confusing.

  1. I modified the model by allowing the doctors to become infected.
  3. I am still struggling with making sure the code is posted in the correct tab in order for it to work properly.
  4. I believe practice will help solidify this concept.

  1. Modifications:
    a.We added that once turtles became sick, they could either recover or they can die.
    b. We allowed the dead to continue moving around for now, similar to zombies. This allows us to easily remove the code for that later and have the dead ones stop where they are and not infect any further, or we can choose to allow them to roam around permanently and continue infecting.
    c. We also added that those who recover cannot become infected again
    d. Lastly we added the possibility to have some individuals who are naturally immune and will never get sick. In the future we could allow the turtles to reproduce and this could lead to the possibility of repopulation by only immune individuals.
  3. Struggles: The sick individuals turn either dead or recovered almost instantly. We also struggled with making it so that the dead, naturally immune, and recovered cannot get sick, but the healthy can. And that only the sick ones can spread the infection, not the others.
  4. Need help? I think we have it figured out, we just quite get it finished yet. Basically for the issue that the sick are dying or recovering to quickly we need to allow them to walk around for several steps and potentially collide with other turtles before the probability of death or recovery is introduced. :slight_smile:


If doctors run into white turtles they then turn red.