Phase 2b Epidemic Model Extensions

  1. What modifications did you make and why?
    I tried to have sick turtles become deceased if they did not run into a yellow doctor. For example, over a certain period of time or if they ran into another sick turtle instead.

  2. URL for public link.

  3. What did you struggle with the most?
    I could not figure out how to account for the length of time that the red turtle was sick (i.e. did not run into a yellow doctor). I tried to simply delete or hide the red turtle if it ran into another sick/red turtle, but wasn’t successful after numerous attempts. They just kept infecting others instead of dying off.

  4. Is there anything else you need help with?
    Please see my answer to number 3.


I wanted to quarantine my sick. I struggled with having them still collide and change while moving to a particular location. I looked back at the water pump world and used saw that it was done in a procedure so I implemented that in then had to fine tune how small or large of a spot I wanted them quarantined in.

I would like to understand the descriptions better. I feel like I spend way too much time just trying to find where they are.


built in a quarantine toggle button. when pushed all sick are relocated to the right side of the map and stay put. Aren’t in the general population to infect others.


I added some mosquitoes to the world and when they ran into the doctors the doctors became infected and turned black.

As I started to add the code, I began to remember what we did in class. I just need to play around with the coding and do more trials.

For now I do not need any help (that will probably change in the near future :wink:


I added that when a doctor collides with any red or infected people, they change to blue. I added a slider in increase or decrease the amount of doctors available. I was trying to figure out how to make a “vaccine” to be sure that the individuals that came in contact with the doctors would not get sick again. but I couldn’t figure it out. I’m sure if i was working with someone we might be able to figure it out but i just couldn’t get figure it out on my own.


Q1: What modifications did you make and why?
A1: In this version, I added a slider so that I could adjust the number of doctors. I also have the movement set up as a procedure called EMT as opposed to just plugging the movements directly into the interface button. I toyed with making the doctors truck-shaped, but I felt like they were too small for visibility and didn’t want to play with making them bigger right now.

Not in this version, but in earlier versions I added a graph to show how the numbers of sick and healthy people were tracking over time. I also had tried to set up something called “healthcare facilities” where people could go to get better if sick or if they were currently healthy they could become vaccinated and not get sick, but it didn’t quite seem to work as I had hoped.


Q3: What did you struggle with the most?
A3: For this version, I just had to remember how things worked since it had been awhile, but it came back quickly.

Q4: Is there anything else you need help with?
A4: Not with this model specifically, other than it would be cool to see some successful codes for having a vaccination that wasn’t 100% effective, etc., so I could maybe figure out how to fix mine.


I created the new agent, doctor in the Epidemic world. The doctor healed the sick (red) turtles upon collision. I might go back later to add a slider or make the sick turtles seek the doctors. I might also the turtles who encounter the doctors become unable to become sick again.


After much frustration wondering why my code wouldn’t work, I was finally able to add a line graph to show the number of sick, healthy, and doctors. I had to remove a bunch of code and just start from the beginning, line by line, to make it work. The one frustrating part of SLNova is that if you delete something (like a widget) and not the code for it - when you put it back, the code won’t work. Even if it’s named exactly as it was. In real coding, that doesn’t happen. It’s definitely something that needs to be looked at because it can raise the frustration level of trying to get something to work (like it did with me). I had to walk away from my computer and just sit in another room and think about what I had coded and why it didn’t work.

Programed the doctors to turn into pyramids. They are now carriers of the disease. Then I confused myself and couldn’t figure out how to then have the doctors infect those that they were healing. At least part of the time.

#50 I modified the sick (red) turtles to chase the doctors to seek treatment. I tried to make the doctors stationary, but the turtles just ended up going out and back in because they were getting infected by the sick turtles as soon as they walked away. :frowning: I would like to know how to vaccinate. I tried and was unsuccessful at doing this task.


I made it so that every sick turtle didn’t recover after contact with a doctor. I added a recovery rate slider bar. The most challenging task is just getting back into the groove of using this program. I don’t have any specific questions.


I had my doctors give immunity to turtles that were infected. The reason I did this is that I thought it would be a challenge. The most difficult thing was figuring out why the recovery procedure is set to turn turtles green, but I just let it be. The thing I need help in is in figuring out how to pause time.


I basically followed the videos and hoped it worked. The challenge I find is recreating what I envision. Hopefully with practice I’ll get better at this.

  1. I added the extension of allowing my doctors to get sick when in contact with some of the sick turtles.
  2. My url is:
  3. The difficult part was making sure the doctor changed colors some of the time when in contact with a sick turtle and putting the procedure in the correct place.
  4. I need help keeping the colors in the correct boxes, sometimes I mix them up.

  1. I had my doctors give infected patients a vaccine, so they would not get sick again.
  3. I struggled with the vaccine always keeping the patients from being infected again. I would like to change it so the vaccination is not always 100% no re-accurance rate.


I added mosquitoes and had them infect the doctors upon collision. I struggled with trying to find a way to heal the doctors after a certain amount of time after being infected.


i added the doctors and allowed them to get sick if they com into contact with a sick trutle. However, i get a mesage that says “javascript 0” and the code does not run. Any help would be appreciated


My simulation begins about Labor Day. Everyone (blue) has been enjoying a lovely summer, when suddenly, red cold viruses begin appearing and infecting people. I have a slider so the user can choose the rate of infection and the rate of recovery. Enter yellow doctors, who are, unfortunately, susceptible to the common cold, as well. By the end of the season, many of them have also become infected.

I just need to become more acquainted and familiar with the commands, which I look forward to doing with my classes.


I made a model that would simulate a school environment and added a nurse that would heal the sick students. The hard part was making the graph to show the number of students that the nurse would heal because then they might get sick again and it didn’t look like the nurse was helping that many sick students.


Finally got around to finishing the online training. I had some turtles recover (they changed to white) and some were healed by the doctor (they changed to purple) so it was easier to tell them apart. Had to redo the doctor movements as I somehow had not saved that work.