Pilot - U4L12 - Digital Design



Please leave any feedback, thoughts, or resources for the lesson here. As a reminder, good feedback has the following elements:

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  • details on what went well when teaching this lesson
  • details on what didn’t go well when teaching this lesson
  • a description of the changes you would recommend to improve the lesson (including formative assessment opportunities you added to the lesson)
  • details on the types of deviations you made from the lesson

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During the pilot introduction weekend we demo’d this lesson.

Things that went well:
Giving “students” the opportunity to explore AppLab

Things that didn’t go well or could be improved:
Our group did not go deep enough into the naming conventions
Possibly not using the video, instead do a teacher demo.

There are two main objectives to this lesson:
a) naming conventions
b) exploring/being introduced to AppLab

A) I would suggest more emphasis on the naming convention aspect of the lesson. Students have a tendency to get lost in working with AppLab. With my students, my plan is to work with the naming conventions on the paper prototypes.
B) I would have the groups decide not only on who is creating what page, but I would have them, as part of the requirements, determine norms for the project around naming.


Should it be labeled Lesson 12 in both locations?


Good catch. I’ll be going through to update all of those overviews before TeacherCon to make sure they’re consistent.