Playing a game on cell phone


So I am encouraging my students to share their games on their phones so they can see something they created on their phones. But, all of these games pretty much require arrow controls. How would they do this on their phones?



What an awesome opportunity to engage students in the User Experience! I love it when these things pop up naturally. If possible I’d have them brainstorm games that they like and how they conquer that issue. You could suggest (and an easy fix as well) that they place buttons on the screen that act like arrow keys, but what does that do to screen space? Could they figure out something else? What are they willing to give up for arrow keys, or could they reconfigure their game?

Interested to see how the conversation goes!


There’s a lot we would like to do to make Game Lab projects work better on phones, but for now the best thing you can do is to constrain your inputs to the arrow keys, which allows your game to be controlled with the little orange joystick - like so


I had no idea that was a joystick! I thought it was a stop button that wasn’t working properly. This is very helpful.


Same, good to know. Thanks!


Is it possible to change the picture of the joystick control because I thought it was a stop button as well.


And all this time I thought that was a “stop” button that didn’t work!!!


Can you share the code for this?