Please help, the girl is not jumping

The girl goes up super slow and then doesn’t come back down. I can’t figure this out. I have tried adding the keywentdown up inside if girl y>324 and a lot of other things but now luck:( Thanks!

hmm i think the condition was executing right away stopping any downwards momentum i rewrote your jumping code so substitute all the “girl” instances that deal with jumping with this

if (keyWentDown("up") && girl.velocityY === 0) {
    girl.velocityY = -10;
  } else if (girl.y+girl.velocityY < 250){
    girl.velocityY += 0.3;
  } else {
    girl.velocityY = 0;
    girl.y = 250;

with this jumps should be smoother and with less inconsistensy