Possible Digital Scences

I wanted to give my students some potential additional options with various digital scenes for this Performance Task.

I created this DOC of a few photos which have potential in my opinion.

Thoughts on the variation?
Does anyone think I will run into problems if I go down this path?

I hope you all are allowed to see this shared Google Doc link.



I’m unable to see the document. It says it is not published.

Try this

Maybe this one will work


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Those are great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks. Some scenes are much better than others. I was looking for scenes which have around 4+ “functions” which can be duplicated in terms of size, location, etc (parameters) to make the scenes dynamic. I believe the purpose and focus is really abstraction using functions with some loops and randomization but I thought the artistic side of me needed some variation for the students.

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Here is what a group of my students came up with. Almost everything is randomized, including: clock’s time, number and size of stockings, size, number, and location of candles (some have parameters).

Here’s another one:


AMAZING! You should be very proud!

That is amazing!!! I love the attention to detail @azavislak! Check out the fur on the rim of the stockings!

What prior experience did the students have in programming?

That is a FANTASTIC way to start off the introduction to programming!

One of the group members had a small bit of experience with programming. I think the key is having the students understand their strengths and assigning tasks based on those. It always helps too when the students are highly engaged and enjoy the project!


@azavislak TOTALLY agree - it is amazing what intrinsic motivation can accomplish!

This is one of my favorite projects all year for that reason!

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Whoa. Any chance I can get the App Lab links to those? Hit SHARE and then post the link or DM it to me? I’d love to share it internally at code.org.


@azavislak those are excellent. Bravo on guiding your students in that direction.

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This project was definitely a turning point in engagement for the students! It was so fun! Here are some of our final scenes.


These are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Here are links to some different projects and ideas:

Fireplace & Stocking


[Santa & Moon]



Very Impressive! Total engagement

Over the next few days, my students will be finishing up their U3L10 Digital Scenes.

Thanks for posting your links from your students since they were instrumented in helping.

Here’s two Digital Scenes which is close to being done.


Here’s another one and one of my favorites. The details of the snowflakes are incredible in my opinion.


Whoa! @jkeays I love that! I think if I gave some students inspiration to do more geometric/factal-type work, they could do some cool things! It will be nice to have these next year as a “look what you could do” for students. Thanks for sharing!

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