Possible Digital Scences




Please feel free to show this link to your students which showcases all of our projects from 2017 plus about 3 projects from 2016.

Some teams of 3 went well beyond the call of duty and created some pseudo animation and a few other bells and whistles we learn in Unit 5.

Things to “change”
Easy Stuff:
color, width, orientation

More challenging:
size, number of items, location



Joe, these are awesome exemplars, thanks for sharing! Starting this project today, and these will be great motivators. And I’m impressed with the web page you placed them in!


Thanks. That’s the main reason why I put it together for other students to see what other ideas are possible. Enjoy!


What requirements did you give the students to make sure they created a scene that had so much detail?


Thanks. A few things. Showing them lots of examples from previous students.

Inspiring them to “out do” last years’ sciences and to be as creative as possible. This year, I gave them 4 full block days instead of 3.

Individual Requirements

  1. You should have many functions.

  2. Each person should have at least 100 lines of code

  3. You should use multiple loops

  4. You should use Randomization so that your SCENE changes every time you run the code.

  5. You should use several PARAMETERS in multiple functions so that each time you run the code the following can change

  6. Size

  7. Number of items drawn

  8. Location…(x,y)

  9. Color

  10. Width

  11. Shape

  12. Think Big Algorithms (Main Function-Algorithms….top level of Abstraction) vs. Small Algorithms

  13. Call your smaller functions from within the larger Function-algorithm. This is also a requirement for the AP Exam

  14. See Example below


Has anyone tried having students add motion to their digital scenes? I had mine do it this year, and I got some fantastic results. It really brought on a greater challenge to those kids who needed it.


Wow! I’d love to see some samples!



Yes, it’d be great if you could post some examples. I’m curious how students did this.